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Irrigation Services

Want a cost-effective way of keeping your lawn green? Cut and Grow Lawn Service in Bridgeport, TX can install a sprinkler system for you. Our highly experienced team use computer-aided design to map out the best layout for your system. This will maximize hydration for your lawn and garden while minimizing water waste. We can install both sprinkler and drip systems depending on your needs. Curious what the difference is? See below!

Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system is designed to cover a large area. It’s best to run these systems early in the morning or late in the evening to allow your lawn and garden time to soak in the moisture. This also minimizes evaporation that can occur during the warmer portions of the day. If you invest in an automatic system, you don’t need to worry about opening valves or remembering when to water your lawn.

Sprinkler - Bridgeport, TX

Drip Systems

Drip systems are perfect for smaller yards and watering individual plants. This system is particularly good for mulched areas because water soaks the soils without washing away your mulch. There is less water wasted due to evaporation or runoff in these systems compared to sprinkler systems.

Drip Irrigation - Bridgeport, TX
If we design your system and you choose us to install it, we will waive the design fee for you as a thank you! A green, beautiful lawn starts with fertilization and hydration, and having an irrigation system installed by professionals will keep your yard healthy all year.
For more information about our services, please contact us at 940-683-3121. We look forward to making your lawn beautiful!