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For a name you can trust in lawn fertilization, look no further than Cut and Grow Lawn Service in Bridgeport, TX. Your lawn needs regular maintenance to realize its real potential. Along with our mowing and watering services, we offer fertilization. A thick, green lawn isn’t just reserved for golf courses; you can have that at home or your business as well.

Why Should You a Have Pro Fertilize Your Lawn?

Feeding your lawn comes down to three things: Ingredients, amounts, and scheduling. A professional knows the proper amounts of ingredients and when to use them. Nitrogen release is an essential element to greening up your lawn, while phosphorus stimulates root growth, and potassium promotes drought and disease tolerance. We know the right mix during each season to keep your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

Rich Soil - Bridgeport, TX
Fertilized Soil - Bridgeport, TX

Can Fertilization Keep Pests Away?

A properly maintained lawn can keep not only insects away, but small animals who feed on those pests. By eliminating the food source for insects through proper fertilization, small animals such as skunks and raccoons won’t tear up your lawn looking for an easy meal. If you find torn up areas of your lawn, it’s likely due to your yard being invaded by insects that the local fauna is privy to. We can help by providing the right treatment for your lawn!

If your yard is spotty with patches of grass, constantly brown due to being scorched from the Texas heat, or is full of weeds, give us call. We want you to experience barefoot grass where you don’t need to worry about your next step!
For more information about our services, please contact us at 940-683-3121. We look forward to making your lawn beautiful!